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"We treat your pets like they're our own...

with lots of love!"


"Since your pets are like family, shouldn't your pet sitter be like family too?"


It can be overwhelming selecting just the right person to entrust the care of your fur babies to. With so many options out there and everybody jumping on the pet sitting bandwagon, how do you know who to choose?

Home Alone Pet Sitting Service is a full-time, professional, dedicated pet sitting service. This is all we do. We've been providing professional, reliable, caring pet sitting and dog walking services since 2009. We are here for you 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We don't pet sit only when we have spare time or need to make a little pocket money or only if we can bring our toddler with us. The focus is always on your pet's safety and well-being and the security of your home. We are always there for you, whether you book far in advance or need immediate services due to an unforeseen emergency or opportunity. Your pets will always be visited by the same qualified bonded and insured professional pet sitter every time, one who will have in-depth firsthand personalized knowledge and experience in caring for your pet's specific needs, from their puppy and kittenhood to their senior days. No worries about a new person being sent each time you need a sitter; no worries about whether or not they will be available when you need them; and no worries about multiple people having access to your home. Just peace of mind, plain and simple.


Let us show you the Home Alone difference. Call now for a complimentary 60-minute consultation. You can find recommendations and reviews on Angie’s List, Google, and Nextdoor or we can happily provide you with a list of references upon request.



Toni Casale,

Owner, Pet Sitter & Animal Lover


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