Home Alone Pet Sitting Service - Services & Fees
Home Alone Pet Sitting Service -
Services & Fees
Home Alone Pet Sitting Service provides professional, loving, and reliable care for your pets. Whether they require a visit or walk once a day or more often during times of travel, we offer a range of pet sitting services to meet their needs.

Dog sitting, cat sitting, exotics too!
Home Alone Dog and Cat Visits

This is a 30 or 45 minute visit and includes feeding (including special meal preparation), supplying fresh water, potty breaks/walks, clean up of any inside accidents, outside area and/or litter boxes, play time, administering medication and/or applying flea treatment (if requested), and LOTS of cuddles, love, and attention. If you are out of town we will water house plants and take steps to make your home more secure by bringing in mail and newspapers, alternating lights, setting out & bringing in trash can, and opening & closing blinds.

Up to Two Dogs or Cats:
$18.00/30 min. visit
$22.00/45 min. visit
Each Additional Dog or Cat: $2.00/visit
Puppy Love Visits & Basic Training
New puppies are always a lot of fun but can also be a lot of work and worry, especially if you are away from home during the day for work, school, or other activities. We specialize in reliable puppy care to help you with some of the responsibilities associated with the first several months of your pet’s life. Your puppy is guaranteed to receive lots of love, attention, and exercise!

Visits are 45 or 60 minutes in length and include:
  • outside potty breaks
  • feeding and watering
  • clean up of any inside accidents and outside area
  • enthusiastic play time
  • lots of cuddling, love, and attention
  • basic obedience training in the sit, come, and sit/stay commands as well as attention training (As your puppy grows, additional basic training will be added to your pet’s routine)
  • physical conditioning through handling of ears, mouth, paws, and combing or brushing
  • conditioning your puppy to become accustomed to wearing a leash

One Puppy:
$27.00/45 min. visit
$32.00/60 min. visit
Each Additional Puppy: $2.00/visit
Personal Coach Dog Walking
An exercised dog is a happy dog and daily walks when combined with a healthy diet help prevent obesity in your pet. If you work long days, your pup will thank you for this. Your dog will get the water bowl refilled with fresh cold water when he/she returns home, happy and stress free!
Up to Two Dogs:
$18.00/30 minutes
$22.00/45 minutes

Gotta Go Potty Breaks
While you're at work, your dogs will get to stretch, get some fresh air, and get belly rubs, love, and attention. This is a quick 15 minute visit sure to have your pet sighing with relief!

Up to Two Dogs: $14 per visit
Each Additional Dog: $1/visit
Pet Chauffeur
We will provide your pet with transportation to the vet, groomer, or dog park, or pick up pet food, supplies, or medications when you are away or unable to take time from your busy schedule.
$30 per hour

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