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"Subject: The next best person to care for your pets after YOU. Actually, may be better than YOU

Toni, from Home Alone Pet Sitting, took the time to come visit our dogs twice before we left them in her care while we went on vacation. She immediately bonded with both dogs, both of them loving her instantly. She was extremely thorough, getting all of the pertinent information needed while we would be away. She administered several medications to one of our dogs and regularly texted me with updates. That communication made me feel so relieved & comfortable that my "furbabies" were being cared for and were doing well! When we arrived home, the house was immaculate- everything was tidied up and the dog "stuff" that she wasn't using was put away! I was blown away with the consideration and compassion Toni clearly has for all of her clients. This is genuine love, too- not just to "get business." Toni went above & beyond what I (as a neurotic dog mother) even expected!! Having recently moved to Charleston, I am happy to say we have definitely found our new dog sitter! Thank you again & again, Toni!!
Pre & Bella (woof!)"

Melissa & Chris O.
N Charleston

"My husband and I wanted to travel for the holidays but were having an extremely difficult time finding a pet sitter for our 2 cats that serviced our area and wasn't ridiculously expensive. After calling many different places, we stumbled upon Home Alone Pet Sitting. When I called, Toni was extremely obliging and made an appointment for a consultation. She came by and we filled out paperwork, ensuring, should anything happen while we were away, our kitties would be cared for. It was so much more than I expected! She wanted to know everything that would make them comfortable. While we were gone, we received daily email updates on how our cats were doing. I found that Toni was sensitive to the needs of our extremely anti-social cat as well as our cuddle-bug cat. It was such a relief to know that our animals were in good hands. I could not be more happy with this pet-sitting experience and would recommend Home Alone Pet Sitting to anyone who wants a reliable, caring, trustworthy person to watch their animals!"
Mary W.
North Charleston
“Toni is the most loving and caring pet sitter I have ever known. She was instrumental in both the care and health of my dear Lainey. At the age of four, Lainey, a funny, beautiful Basenji mix, was diagnosed with kidney cancer and given a three month life expectancy. I had a job which required that I travel a couple of days per week and Toni became her 'substitute' mom. With Toni's urging, I changed her diet to 'healthy’ dog food. Then later, Toni taught me how to cook for Lainey. Along with prayer, a great vet, and a healthy diet, Lainey recovered from the removal of one kidney and lived another two and half fun loving years. Toni continued to care for Lainey many times when I traveled for business, both at my home and her own. When the cancer returned, Lainey was given one month. During that time, I had to be out of town for three weeks. Toni cared for Lainey in her home for those three weeks and kept me informed several times a day regarding Lainey's health. She cooked her special meals, administered her medication, and loved her. When I arrived home, Lainey was with me another two months. I greatly credit God, Toni's help, love and 'good food' to Lainey's surviving the cancer as long as she did. She also helped me tremendously through the entire process. I definitely recommend Toni and her pet service to care for your pet. She will treat your 'baby' with lots of love. She is a blessing to every pet that is cared for by her.”
Melissa Z.
“Home Alone has been a true Godsend to me and my family. I have hired Toni to care for my cats many times over the past several years. As a busy realtor and traveler, I do not always have the time I need to devote to my pets. Toni's service has been compassionate and dependable. It has been a blessing to know my cats were well cared for. Her other home services were also a tremendous help to me when I moved twice within a very short period of time. I have hired Toni to pack my home in preparation for a move, unpack me at my new home, set up my new kitchen and decorate for me. She has painted the interior of my home, prepared meals, cleaned, and organized my home office. She has been a true blessing to me. She is extremely intelligent, hardworking, honest and her fees are extremely reasonable. I would not hesitate for one moment to hire Toni and Home Alone again.
Beth G.
“I travel often, many times out of the country for extended periods of time. It is good to know that my two dogs, Max & Bandit, will be well cared for with Toni taking care of them in my absence. She has grown very attached to them and they to her. She will often stop by to see them even if I am not away. To see her interact with them, there is no doubt she is an extreme dog lover. They are very responsive to her and it is evident she gives them lots of love. She visits them 3 times a day when I am away for feedings, extended play time (Max loves to chase the tennis ball), baths, or just to sit with them and give them attention and company. Toni also feeds my fish, brings in the mail, puts the garbage out, and makes the house looked lived in while I am away. She has also done jobs around the home for me when I have been away such as painting. I couldn't imagine leaving my dogs in anyone else's care. I highly recommend Home Alone Pet Sitting without reservation. Toni is the best."  
Ben S.
North Charleston
 "Santa delivered a precious Maltese puppy to our family this past Christmas named Bella. My husband and I both work away from home so when it was time to return back to work after the Christmas holidays, I was faced with the dilemma of "who will we hire to come to our house mid-day and take Bella out for her potty break". Fortunately, we learned about Toni Casale's pet-sitting service through our church networking site and we invited her over to meet Bella and discuss her service. As soon as Toni sat down, Bella immediately crawled into her lap. I was amazed at how comfortable Bella was with Toni. I was pleased to learn that Toni's service provided Bella with much more than a potty break & feeding, she would also train her and provide us with training tips so that Bella would make a great pet for our family for years to come.Toni has been our pet-sitter, or should I say "Bella's second mommy" , for three months now. Bella has learned to respond to simple commands and the housebreaking process is progressing really well. I would highly recommend Toni for any person who only wants the very best for their pet."
Melanie I.
North Charleston
(843) 469-7694

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