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Puppy Love Visits & Basic Training


New puppies are always a lot of fun but can also be a lot of work and worry, especially if you are away from home during the day for work, school, or other activities. We specialize in reliable puppy care to help you with some of the responsibilities associated with the first several months of your pet’s life. Your puppy is guaranteed to receive lots of love, attention, and exercise!


Visits are 45 or 60-minutes in length and include:

  • outside potty breaks

  • feeding and watering

  • clean up of any inside accidents and outside area

  • enthusiastic play time

  • lots of cuddling, love, and attention

  • basic obedience training in the sit, come, and sit/stay commands as well as attention training (As your puppy grows, additional basic training will be added to your pet’s routine)

  • physical conditioning through handling of ears, mouth, paws, and combing or brushing

  • conditioning your puppy to become accustomed to wearing a leash


One Puppy:

          $35.00/60 min. visit

          Each Additional Puppy: $2.00/visit

Additional fees may apply based on distance.

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