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Services & Fees

Services & Fees (additional fees may apply based on distance.)

Is your dog or puppy home alone during the day while you are at work or school? Do you worry about who will take care of your precious pet while you’re on vacation? Do you have to work late & have a pet at home waiting for you? Do you have a new puppy that needs special care & attention? Home Alone Pet Sitting Service provides professional, loving, and reliable care for your pets. Whether they require a visit or walk once a day or more often during times of travel, we offer a range of pet sitting services sure to meet their needs.

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Home Alone
Dog & Cat Visits

Personal Coach
Dog Walking

Pet Chauffeur

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Puppy Love Visits & Basic Training

Gotta Go
Potty Breaks

Exotics & More

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Tell us what you need & we will tailor a pet sitting program to meet your specific needs!

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